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74Rotary International Direct ContactsRotary International Direct ContactsPresidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Membership Chairs, Assistant Governorspdf
76Future Vision Global Grants Scholarship Application8-page Word document for use by students wishing to apply to a local Rotary club for a Global Grant ScholarshipFoundation Chairsdoc
77Global Grant Scholarship Overview8-page PDF overview of the Global Grant Scholarship programFoundation Chairspdf
78Areas of Focus Overview Chart1-page PDF chart outlining Rotary’s six Areas of FocusPresidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs, Service Chairsdistrict grantspdf
79Social Media TipsSome tips on using social media to promote your club from Roswell Rotarian Gordon Owens
80September, 2014 District Newsletter (2015)11-page newsletterNewsletterspdf
81August, 2014 GRSP Newsletter (2015)7-page GRSP newsletterNewsletterspdf
84Global Grant Scholarships Handout1-page overview of District Global Grant Scholar programFoundation Chairsdocx
85DacDB (aka District Database)a brief description of DacDB, with a link to the sitePresidents, Secretaries, Treasurers
88District 6900 2015 Literacy Project Fair application (2015)1-page Word application for 2015 Literacy Project FairService Chairsdoc
89GRSP Oslo Scholarship Application3-page PDF application for GRSP Oslo ScholarshipService Chairspdf
90GRSP Oslo Scholarship Information2-page PDF letter from GRSP explaining the Oslo Summer School scholarship program and application procedureService Chairspdf
91October 2014 District Newsletter (2015)9-page PDF newsletterNewsletterspdf
92September 2014 GRSP Newsletter (2015)11-page PDF GRSP newsletterNewsletterspdf
93Badge Scanning Attendance Procedure9-page PowerPoint by Vinings Club on using the district’s badge scanning process for tracking attendance, courtesy of Brant Campbell.Presidents, Secretariesppt
95Apple Polishing Parking Directions (2015)1-page PDF showing parking at Atlanta International Schoolpdf
96November, 2014 District Newsletter (2015)11-page PDF newsletterNewsletterspdf
97District Customs and Traditions2-page PDF scan of a document outlining key customs and traditions of District 6900Presidents, Assistant Governorspdf
98December, 2014 District Newsletter (2015)10-page PDF newsletterNewsletterspdf
99December, 2015 RLI Cruise (2015)1 page PDF scan of RLI flyerNewsletterspdf
100January 2015 District Newsletter (2015)9-page PDF newsletterNewsletterspdf
1022015 District Awards Process (2015)Summary of 2015 District Awards processPresidents
1032015 RI Significant Achievement Award Application (2015)2015 RI Significant Achievement Award ApplicationPresidents, Assistant Governorspdf
104RYLA 2015 Club RYLA Chair Letter (2015)3-page PDF for RYLA Club ChairsPresidents, Assistant Governorspdf
105Avenues of Service Citation for Individual Rotarians 20152-page PDF application for Avenues of Service CitationsPresidents, Assistant Governorspdf
106RYLA Brochure (2015)2-page PDF RYLA brochurePresidents, Assistant Governorspdf
107DacDB compared to District WebsiteOverview of the differences between the DacDB system and the district websitePresidents, Secretaries, Treasurers