Alzheimer's Projects: CART & Walk

Each year our Rotary Club has representation in the National Walk for Alzheimer's Disease awareness and collect funds for District 6900's CART program.

The walk is annually held in September and is locally held at the grounds of Vernon Woods Senior Residency. This year the walk was held on September 14th and seven of our Rotary members participated.

Our CART program is started the first club meeting in January and is held through the month of February. Members are encouraged to drop their change, and even their bills, into the purple cups that are placed on their dining tables.

The quoted number of volunteers is just a low estimate because although the CART program is participated by most of our members we do not keep accurate track of exactly who participates during the given weeks of the project.

The actual hours is the result of participation of the Walking event and the time needed for distribution, collection of cups and the management of the collected funds.