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It’s easy to get the Zone 33-34 PI Award. Here are the links for the 2021-22 Public Image Citation tasks for the first quarter. If you’re not the Club’s PI Chair, then please let your Public Image chairs know! You can copy and paste any of these three into your web browser. I was asked in August if it’s too late to start with the July task. It wasn’t in early August. You can always try the July task, which takes but a few seconds.

If you have questions, you can also watch the following “Meet the Zone 34 Public Image” team session:

Please note the three dates and more information below forwarded to me by DG Mary. Let’s hit those deadlines and have an amazing year!

JUL 31: Social Media Audit

AUG 31: Public Image Plan

SEP 30: Content Calendar

And remember to make many of your social media posts outward facing (to non-Rotarians) since we want to engage with people who aren’t in Rotary like we do those within Rotary. Outward facing posts should avoid (or at least explain) Rotary terminology (EREY, etc.). If you want me to review a post or help you with one, please let me know. Let me know what questions, issues, etc., you’re having, and I’ll do my best to answer or find an answer for you.

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