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202Areas of Focus Goal Chart1-page PDF chart summarizing areas of focusFoundation Chairspdf
203Global Grants Scholar Application8-page Word scholarship applicationFoundation Chairsdoc
204Rotary Scholar - Rotarians Take Action2-page brochure with info for Rotarians and Rotary ClubsFoundation Chairspdf
205Global Scholars - Info for Applicants2-page PDF brochure with info for Scholar applicants
206Global Grant Scholar Information Package5-page PDF with information for Global Scholar applicantsFoundation Chairspdf
208August newsletter (2016)13-page PDFNewsletterspdf
210Zone 34 Public Image Citation for Rotary Clubs (2016)2-page PDF Zone Public Image CitationPublic Image Chairspdf
211September 2015 Newsletter (2016)11-page PDF newsletterNewsletterspdf
213Friendship Exchange Program2-page PDF explaining the program and including an application formService Chairspdf
214Siegel & Gale Research Findings 2012Final report from Siegel & Gale research January 2012Siegel, Gale, Strategic, plan, planning, surveypdf
215October 2015 District Newsletter (2015)13-page PDF fileNewsletterspdf
217November 2015 Newsletter (2016)12 page PDF newsletterNewsletterspdf
218December 2015 Newsletter (2016)13 page PDFNewsletterspdf
219GRSP Newsletter 11-15 (2016)BremenGRSP NewsletterNewslettersGRSPpdf
220GRSP Newsletter 10-15 (2016)BremenGRSP NewsletterNewslettersGRSP; newsletterpdf
221GRSP Newsletter 09-15 (2016)BremenGRSP Newsletter 09-15NewslettersGRSP; newsletterpdf
223Bob Hagan Message About 2016 District Conference2-minute video message from District Governor Bob Hagan about the upcoming District Conference
224Sailing In Seoul (2016)Two-page PDF promoting the river cruise at the 2016 Seoul Convention sponsored by Zones 34, 33, 27 and 21 and our RI Director Robert Hall.pdf
225Women’s Groups Associated with Rotary Clubsa short article about the history of women’s involvement with RotaryRotary Ann
2262013 & 2014 Combined Financial Statements24-page PDF scan of the District's audited financials for rotary years 2013 and 2014Presidents, Treasurersaudit, financialpdf
227January 2016 Newsletter (2016)10-page PDFNewsletterspdf
2282016-17 Club District Grant MOU (2017)This Memorandum of Understanding covers the requirements for a club to receive a district grant. This MOU must be signed by the 2016-17 club president and president elect and turned in at PETS on March 5, 2016.Presidents, Presidents-Elect, Secretaries, Treasurers, Foundation Chairs, Assistant GovernorsFoundation, 2016-17, District Grants, MOU, PETSpdf
2292016-17 District Grants Announcement (2017)Basic information on the 2016-17 District Grants including amount, new application process, eligibility requirements and availability of two competitive grants.Presidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs, Assistant Governors2016-17 District Grants, district grants, grants, foundation, competitive grants, pdf
2302016-17 List of Clubs Eligible for Additional District Grant funds (2017)Based on per capita giving in 2013-14, these clubs are eligible for additional district grants funds in 2016-17.Presidents-Elect, Foundation Chairs, Assistant GovernorsFoundation, district grants, grants, top sevenpdf
231October 2015 Newsletter (2016)PDFNewsletterspdf
232February 2016 Newsletter (2016)12-page PDF fileNewsletterspdf
2332016 District Conference Diagrams (2016)3-page PDF showing diagrams of Marriott hotel and conference center and a map of Hilton Headdistrict conference,marriott,hilton headpdf
2342016 District Conference Hospitality Suite Diagrams (2016)4-page PDF showing diagrams of the different types of hospitality suites available at the Marriottmarriott,hilton head,district conferencepdf
235Form for Evidence Room Displays (2016)4-page PDF with instructions for reserving a display in the Evidence Room and Proving Your Case with Evidencepdf
2362016 District Conference Sponsorship Form (2016)1 page Word document on District Conference sponsorship opportunitiesdocx
237GRSP Trustee Contact ListBremenContact List for GRSP TrusteesGRSP; trustee
238GRSP PrimerBremenInformation about GRSPGRSP TrusteeGRSPdoc
239GRSP Trustee AssignmentsBremenTrustee contact information and listing of clubs each trustee is responsible forGRSP TrusteeGRSP; trusteexlsx
240GRSP Newsletter 12-15 (2016)BremenGRSP Newsletter December 2015Newsletters, GRSP TrusteeGRSP; newsletterpdf
241GRSP Trustee TimelineBremenTimeline for TrusteesGRSP TrusteeGRSP; timeline: trusteedocx
2422016-2017 School Tuition CostsBremenLetter from Terry Gordon, Statistical Table for Tuition costs and allocations and Commitment FormGRSP Trusteetuition; allocation; GRSP
243Informational Video on GRSP 2015BremenVideo on Georgia Rotary Student Program 2015GRSP Trustee
2442014 RI Young Professionals Summit Final ReportIn September 2014, Rotary International hosted 32 young professional Rotarians and Rotaractors in Chicago to talk about ways that clubs and districts can engage and empower current and future Rotarians. This report highlights the findings from this summit.Young Professionalsyoung professionals, YP, summitpdf
2452014 RI Young Professionals Summit Promo VideoIn September 2014, Rotary International hosted 32 young professional Rotarians and Rotaractors in Chicago to talk about ways that clubs and districts can engage and empower current and future Rotarians. This video provides a brief glimpse into the this unique 2-day session.Young Professionalsyoung professionals, YP