Vocational Service

Vocational Service is the Rotary area of Service that encompasses the policies, practices, and projects that Rotary Clubs and individual members might implement to help individuals, young and old, achieve their potential in their occupations. The goal of Vocational Service is to help the members of Rotary and the citizens in our communities and elsewhere in the world achieve that potential in school, community, and workplace while valuing and preserving honesty, fairness, and integrity.

Vocational Service projects can be categorized three ways:

  • Activities that promote vocations in the local and international communities and in Rotarians’ workplaces; and that promote mutual support between Rotarians and business associates in ethical practices.
  • Activities to support active duty military, their families, and veterans
  • Activities to help adults in the general community achieve their potential for productive and desirable vocations.

Each year the Rotary Clubs of Georgia sponsor an opportunity to have an international experience through Rotary’s Group Study Exchange (GSE).

For Veterans:

Providing information re benefits from the VA, recognizing contributions to our nation through their service, partnering with educational retraining opportunities.

Service Personnel:

Providing assistance to the families of deployed Georgia military, USO "duty" welcoming home troops for rest and recuperation (R&R), providing a caring shoulder to lean on when they get home from deployment


To encourage and help Rotarians of District 6900 clubs to use their vocational skills, experiences, and resources to make a positive impact on the adult workforce of Georgia. Helping to improve workforce capabilities and professionalism thereby attracting more and higher quality businesses to Georgia can do this. The desired result being higher employment, better employment, a growing economy, and the well being of the people of Georgia.

  • Georgia Work Ready
  • Certified Literate Community Program
  • Mentoring
  • Virtual Mentoring for Graduate Students

Open the Door to the World

In 2005, the Rotary International board expanded the reach of Rotary when it voted to shelter, under a registered service name, groups and individual Rotarians engaged in international service projects/program in the name of Rotary. For the first time, the decision allowed knowledgeable and service focused Rotarians to form Rotarian Action Groups.

This decision by the board created Global Networking Groups that allow individual Rotarians from different countries to join together to focus on particular interests. Global Networking Groups open the doorway to fellowship, making friends, meeting Rotarians with shared interests, hobbies, or vocations or collaborating on a service project; and is comprised of two subgroups: Rotary Fellowships are comprised of Rotarians from clubs in different countries that pursue recreational or vocational activities, while Rotarian Action Groups offer a way for Rotarians from clubs in different countries to unite to perform world community service.