Community Grants

D6900 Community grants (formerly district grants) fund small-scale, short-term activities that address needs in our district's communities.


Districts and clubs can use community grants to fund a variety of projects and activities within the boundaries of Rotary District 6900.  


Districts have a lot of freedom to customize service projects. There aren’t many restrictions, as long as our community grants support the mission of The Rotary Foundation and the Seven Areas of Focus. Our District must be qualified before we can administer community grants.  Your Community Grants Chair will be happy to review your proposed project to verify that the project will qualify for grant funding.


District 6900 may use up to 50 percent of their District Designated Fund (DDF) to receive one district grant annually. This percentage is calculated based on the amount of DDF generated from a district’s Annual Fund giving three years prior, including Endowment Fund earnings.  District 6900 receives this funding as a lump sum and then distributes it to clubs within the district.


Clubs work directly with the community grants committee to get funding for projects. See resources listed below for details on requirements and the application process for our district.  Clubs submit a grant request during a specific application period each year (usually April 1st through May 15th). The application is reviewed then accepted by the community grants chair then sent to The Rotary Foundation for final approval.  (NO spending on a grant-funded project can begin until the grant application is approved by The Rotary Foundation AND funds are received by the district foundation treasurer.

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